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The Shrine project. It’s been a while since I posted anything and this project was ages ago, but still, here it goes:

My passion: Dostoevsky

Don’s passion: Irn Bru

So we came up with an idea of creating a sculpture of Dostoevsky filled with Irn Bru. Ha. Ha. I, being a Pole who knows nothing about technology, dismissed it as for me it was just impossible to do. But then my partner explained that in UK we are provided with something more with just clay and so he introduced be to a brilliant invention – vacuum form.

We started from creating a clay sculpture of Dostoevsky’s face. And gathering quotes from his books. And using one of them.

And then we just went to vacuum form and magically created a transparent form of Dostoevsky’s face!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we also built a shelf. By ourselves. It was then when I realised what I’m paying those 3,290 pounds for, in Poland education might be for free, but I’d never be provided with so many amazing equipment. Oh well.

The final product consisted of transparent Dostoevsky’s face filled with Irn Bru (see below) and the quote filled with Irn Bru as well. Unfortunately, the final outcome is lost somewhere in my boyfriend’s memory stick in Cambridge, so I’ll be able to upload it only next week when I go to visit him. I have a photo of the face itself, though, stolen from Don’s blog.



Manifestos are back! Yes I decided to change them once again. I guess that’s what one can call a design process.


Besides, I’m struggling with my Library Collection project (review one chosen piece from Chelsea special collection in form of a single A6 page). I am to send my page now. I must say that┬ánever before having facebook was so important for my future career – only now I’ve realised that there are people in my group a)doing the same book that I’m doing b) probably having the same idea. If I had an account on facebook I’d probably have known that ages ago. But oh well. Life goes on I guess. And so I’m uploading 3 designs I did for this projects. I liked the idea of being “artistic with <some complicated colour>” or “<some complicated colour> with artism”, but now I’m not that sure of it anymore.


So I changed one of my manifestos, feeling it was not quite all right. Here’s the outcome.


So I finished my manifestos (which makes me very pleased) and I’m submitting them here.

The first one is my typographical interpretation of a factual manifesto published in 1909. The second one is my own manifesto conveying my ideology, perhaps a bit exaggerated.

I hope I understood the task and didn’t waste my time doing something completely irrelevant. Well, let’s hope not.


I would add some amazing photos from the letterpress workshop taken with my amazing camera if I a) had the photos b) had a camera. However, I allowed myself to steal some pictures from my friends’ blogs for the sake of all my fans who desperately need to know what the letterpress looks like.

My letter was “K”. K for teria. Get it? Well, I didn’t at first, had to say it loud couple of times before it clicked in my brain. I guess one has to be English to fully get cockney alphabet. Speaking of cockney alphabet… Here it is:

My feelings about the workshop? Well, despite being hopelessly sick and shaking from the fever (and fear of missing the plane I had to catch this day) I absolutely, utterly loved it. I’m now dreaming of printing my manifestos on letterpress. I’m obsessed with letterpress. The feeling of the workshop itself reminded me of the good old days when I was not born yet but oh, how I wish I were. I could smell Art Nouveau in the air. I could imagine myself having a chat with Alphonse Mucha on the latest play with Sarah Bernhardt.

Yes, I wish we go back there one day.

I’ll post my “K” as soon as I see it (provided that I have a camera by then).


Passion. I am to make a presentation on what I am passionate about. Piece of cake. Well, not really.

I’m just in Cambridge, looking at my boyfriend doing his maths papers and I am kind of tempted to do a presentation on him. But then I’m thinking that would be quite creepy (although quite funny too, in fact).

What am I passionate about? Warmth, probably (especially now, that I’m freezing, I feel particularly fond of warmth). Or dinosaurs. Or alcohol. Or Poland. Or old Disney animations. Or books. Or Dostoevsky. Maybe I should do that on him and present this charming photo at the beginning.

Yeah, that’s right, I went to Russia because of him. Well, not only because of him, but seeing his house in St Petersburg was one of the greatest experiences ever. And it’s not just the fact that it was his factual house, where he worked and wrote most of his amazing books, but also it’s that the museum itself is so damn good. It was amazing for me to read his opinions on the european cities he went to in his life and to find that my views on them are exactly the same.

And yes, I am aware of the fact that getting that excited about quotations of someone who is already dead is somehow nerdy and weird.

Nevertheless, I am enclosing some photos of how the museum looks like.

The first picture is, obviously, an old photograph showing how it used to look. As you can see, the recreated version is almost identical.

The museum part that consist of his letters, photographs, artpieces, various small items and some historical information about the authors that Dostoyevsky found influential is a very modern- looking and interestingly layed out room. Even though in some cases I felt there was too little information and I craved for more, I was still very satisfied with what I learned about him and his life. It was all very visual, too.

On the top of all that, there was also an art exhibition going on at that time featuring various illustrations to Dostoevsky’s books. Unfortunately, taking photos was forbidden (and it’s better not to mess with Russians) and I, sadly, forgot all the authors’ names. Still, it was amazing.

Ok, I could go on for ages about his every book separately and about his literary output in general, but I won’t and let it be the end of this post. Suddenly it occurred to me that Disney will probably be much more interesting to the public.


So we are to choose an iconic photo and redo it, using ourselves as the models, in the photography studio in Chelsea College. I’m not sure how it will work out, who will take the pictures etc, but I like dressing up so I quite like the project.

For my iconic photo I chose Coco Chanel by Boris Lipnitzki/Roger-Voillet:

However, I’m also considering Marlena Dietrich from “No Highway in the Sky”.

No idea which one I’ll end up choosing, though. I still have time till 26th of November, so that’s all right.