The Shrine project. It’s been a while since I posted anything and this project was ages ago, but still, here it goes:

My passion: Dostoevsky

Don’s passion: Irn Bru

So we came up with an idea of creating a sculpture of Dostoevsky filled with Irn Bru. Ha. Ha. I, being a Pole who knows nothing about technology, dismissed it as for me it was just impossible to do. But then my partner explained that in UK we are provided with something more with just clay and so he introduced be to a brilliant invention – vacuum form.

We started from creating a clay sculpture of Dostoevsky’s face. And gathering quotes from his books. And using one of them.

And then we just went to vacuum form and magically created a transparent form of Dostoevsky’s face!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we also built a shelf. By ourselves. It was then when I realised what I’m paying those 3,290 pounds for, in Poland education might be for free, but I’d never be provided with so many amazing equipment. Oh well.

The final product consisted of transparent Dostoevsky’s face filled with Irn Bru (see below) and the quote filled with Irn Bru as well. Unfortunately, the final outcome is lost somewhere in my boyfriend’s memory stick in Cambridge, so I’ll be able to upload it only next week when I go to visit him. I have a photo of the face itself, though, stolen from Don’s blog.

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