I would add some amazing photos from the letterpress workshop taken with my amazing camera if I a) had the photos b) had a camera. However, I allowed myself to steal some pictures from my friends’ blogs for the sake of all my fans who desperately need to know what the letterpress looks like.

My letter was “K”. K for teria. Get it? Well, I didn’t at first, had to say it loud couple of times before it clicked in my brain. I guess one has to be English to fully get cockney alphabet. Speaking of cockney alphabet… Here it is:

My feelings about the workshop? Well, despite being hopelessly sick and shaking from the fever (and fear of missing the plane I had to catch this day) I absolutely, utterly loved it. I’m now dreaming of printing my manifestos on letterpress. I’m obsessed with letterpress. The feeling of the workshop itself reminded me of the good old days when I was not born yet but oh, how I wish I were. I could smell Art Nouveau in the air. I could imagine myself having a chat with Alphonse Mucha on the latest play with Sarah Bernhardt.

Yes, I wish we go back there one day.

I’ll post my “K” as soon as I see it (provided that I have a camera by then).

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